Narcissistic abuse Recovery Coach


Matt offers 1-2-1 Coaching for Survivors and Targets of Narcissistic abuse. 

He brings his expertise as a Psychologist, his extensive knowledge of the subject and his own experience as a Survivor of Narcissistic abuse to the Coaching space to help Clients understand their experience and rebuild their Self Respect. He offers practical strategies to make sure that Survivors never have to endure Narcissistic abuse again. 

Using Skype and various other video call platforms, Matt offers Coaching to clients all over the world.

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In The Vampire Hunter's Field Manual, Matt writes on the subject of Narcissistic  abuse and Recovery. 

He also writes articles on Psychology  and Education, some of which are in the Blog.

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Matt is a highly experienced public speaker and lecturer. His presentations are positive, factual and funny and he delivers to diverse audiences from school children to executives. 

His specialisms are: Abuse Recovery; Personal Growth; Education and Psychology. These combine beautifully to cover anything that humans do! 

Whatever the presentation, drop Matt a line below to get started. 

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