About Matt

Matt is a Psychologist, Coach and Writer. He specialises in recovery from Narcissistic abuse.

Why "Modern Vampire Hunter"?

Vampires are Narcissistic abusers. It's the 21st Century, hence the term: Modern. 

Whatever the era, Narcissistic abusers prey on their Targets. They attempt to manipulate, dominate, control and ultimately destroy them to satisfy their own needs. 

Does Matt hunt Vampires? No, but he is armed, hence the word: Hunter. What he's armed with is the knowledge and skills to Survive Narcissistic abusers, and he has devoted his life to sharing them with Targets and Survivors of abuse so that they can recover, thrive and lead abuse-free lives. 

Matt's book: 

"The Vampire Hunter's Field Manual" 

is available now. 

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the vampire hunters field manual


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The Vampire Hunter's Field Manual